Turning tradition into innovation – using photocatalytic processes for CO2 utilisation

RWI4, Völklinger Straße 4,  Meetingroom Athen/Bern,  40219 Düsseldorf


In many industrial sectors CO2 is a major waste stream. CO2 fixation for biomass production has been performed by plants and algae for millions of years. In contrast, industrial CO2 utilisation via photocatalytic processes for the production of high value compounds became economically feasible rather recently. CLIB invites you to the next event in the field of C1 bioconversion “Turning tradition into innovation – using photocatalytic processes for CO2 utilisation”. In cooperation with the projects BioCOnversion, HiPerIn (Biotechnological Concepts for High Performance Ingredients) and RIN Stoffströme (Regionales Innovationsnetzwerk Stoffströme) this CLIB event will present innovative progress in light driven bioconversion of C1 feedstocks.


Draft Agenda

15:00 h      Welcome, Presentation CLIB2021, Introduction RIN, BioCOnversion and HiPerIn projects: Dennis Herzberg/ Sarah Refai (CLIB)

15:30 h      Designing green cell factories for the photobiological conversion of carbon dioxide into various carbon compounds: Lutz Wobbe (Bielefeld University, CeBiTec)

16:00 h      Industrial ecology: On-site synergies with microalgae production: Claudia Thomsen (iSeaMC/Phytolutions)

16:30 h      Next Generation Biofilm – value-added production by a novel air-exposed biofilm-photobioreactor: Michael Lakatos (University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern)

17:00 h      CO2 to yoghurt cups and other useful things – the current scaleup status of Photanols cyanobacteria technology: Ross Gordon (Photanol)

17:30 h      Get together – networking opportunity and snacks


Registration: https://www.eventbrite.de/

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